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You Tube Finger Knitting - Web finger knitting is an extremely easy technique to learn, and anyone, young or old, can learn how to do it, it is much easier and is a quicker way to make things such as hats, blankets, and scarves than the traditional way of knitting. Web you’ll be using your hands and fingers instead of your hands and your arms to knit. In this video tutorial i teach how to make this blanket with no tools but your fingers!! Use a pair of scissors and cut the remaining yarn with the tail of about 18 inches and weave that piece and any other loose ends into the blanket. To cast off, you simply pull together two loops and loop into them and continue that way across the row. How to knit without knitting needles! Web basically, you pull one loop through another to “knit” the yarn into a blanket. Pick your favourite project below and get started today. Did you know that you don’t need knitting needles to knit? Make this super chunky knit blanket and snuggle up in a bulky throw!!

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Web Easy To Follow How To Finger Knit Video Plus 20 Fabulous Finger Knitting Projects, Including Rugs, Jewelry, Crowns, Stuffed Animals, Dog Collars And More!

But for those of you who prefer written instructions and pictures i’ll explain everything below. All you need is yarn and your hands! To cast off, you simply pull together two loops and loop into them and continue that way across the row. Watch the “stocking stitch” video for a great explanation of the basic stitch, which is what i used on the blanket i made:

I Will Show You How To Finger Knit From Start To Finish In Two Quick And.

It's simple and fun for the whole family! When you're finished, you'll have a beautiful rope of yarn that you can use in many different ways, like a key ring, hair decoration, belt, or bag handle. Use a chunky yarn, maybe a variegated color,. Scroll down for the videos.

Make This Super Chunky Knit Blanket And Snuggle Up In A Bulky Throw!!

Teach a child how to finger knit, get them introduced to the magic world of crafting with yarn. Bring the yarn around the front of your pointer finger, and then behind your middle finger. Made with loop yarn and a very simple technique, this finger knitting blanket is a breeze to knit, even for absolute beginners. Watch my video tutorial to for the chunky knit blanket instructions.

Read On For Finger Knitting Instructions.

Check out our video for how to finger knit: Use your fingers to finger knit. It’s knitting without the knitting needles! Web it's super simple and kids can do it by themselves.

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